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Hoopy Halloween

This morning I woke up with a mission.  I decided it was time to start making some hoops!  After calling around to a few different places and doing a little research online, I decided on an irrigation supply store near my house.  On the phone, the woman sounded confident that she had exactly what I was looking for (100PSI 3/4′ poly tubing).  Turns out, she didn’t really know what kind of tubing she had.  She did know that it was 3/4′ and she had the connectors.  I had a hair to build some hoops, so I went ahead and bought 100 Ft. & headed out in search of tapes.  The local hardware store had “no idea” what gaffer tape was and only black electrical tape.  Lowes didn’t carry (or know about) gaffer tape, but did have an array of colored electrical tapes & something called ‘friction tape’ in black.  It was wrapped up in plastic so I couldn’t really tell what it felt like.  I bought a roll, but haven’t opened up to experiment yet.  Actually, I haven’t opened up any of my beautiful bright new tapes, because the tubing I bought makes awful hoops. ha!

They’re wobbly and flimsy and just plain goofy!  I tried to add some weight by adding some water to one, but it just made it even more silly.  A great workout, but silly. My boyfriend was watching me try it out in the yard tonight and suggested I try to market it as a “wonky hoop”. I think I’ll try to return what I haven’t cut and if that’s not an option, just make some smaller sizes for hand hooping.  Hopefully, tomorrow I can find some better tubing & actually tape one up!  The taping part sounds like the fun part.

While testing out my ‘wonky hoop’, I also spent some time working on double shoulder duckouts with my go to hoop and actually pulled the trick off a few times!  That’s big news for me, because I’ve been attempting for days with no luck.  Single shoulder duck outs, no problem.  Doubles, though, doubles are hellish for me!  At least now I can really say it’s a trick I’m working on, rather than attempting.  Finally!  I jammed my finger out there too.  It’s bruising and a little swollen, but I’m so thrilled about “landing” my trick, it feels totally worth it.  The price I pay for double shoulder duck outs!

A little more good news: one of my hooping videos was accepted by dube juggling, so I got a code for 20% my next purchase! woo!

I made a special halloween video that was featured on a couple of days ago too. (=  Check it out HERE.

We didn’t do much for Halloween today, but we celebrated all week and weekend, so I don’t feel like I missed out.  I listened to a little Halloween music, but spent most of my time at the yoga studio.  I didn’t put my costume on, but I’m still in the spirit!

Happy Halloween!


Halloween Eve

I had a great afternoon at the Scared Silly event. I could not believe how elaborate the theater was on the inside. We sat on the top floor balcony. I’ll admit, it wasn’t easy for me getting up there. I temporarily froze up while attempting to climb the incredibly steep and tiny stairs in heeled boots. I was nervous, even though Travis promised he’d catch me if I had fallen backwards. ha! The theater was built in the twenties and it’s really unusual in so many ways. The ceiling was like a night sky. There were gargoyles and taxidermy macaws. I’ll definitely be looking forward to our next visit.

We came home and watched Tucker & Dale vs Evil, and I really loved it. There were some intensely gory moments, but as strange as it sounds, ‘all in good fun’.
I’d suggest it to anyone who enjoys a good black comedy and can handle an exorbitant amount of blood.

Today, I enjoyed the perfect balance of classic feel good spooky and ridiculous blood and guts on what has turned out to be the greatest Halloween Eve ever.

Scared Silly

Today, my charming man is taking me out for a special halloween treat! The historic Tampa theater is hosting Scared Silly, an afternoon of 13 spooky Looney Tunes, followed by a 3 Stooges Halloween special in 3-D!

The Tampa theater is described as, “a catapult for the imagination, since 1926”. The architecture is wildly impressive. Travis recently took a tour of the building and was even told stories about hauntings! I can’t wait. It’s going to be the perfect Halloween date.

A Closer Look at Hooping Certification

[ columnist Shannon Herrington takes a closer look at hooping certifications.]

If you’ve been around the hoopersphere for any length of time, you might

have stumbled across these people that call themselves “Certified Hoop

Instructors.” While the hoop instructor part is pretty self explanatory,

given that they are someone who instructs people on how to hoola, the

question here is, how did they become certified? What does being

certified mean exactly? Are all certified hoop instructors the same? Do

you need to be taught how to hoop by a teacher who has that word

attached to their title? If you’ve been hooping for awhile and are

considering teaching others, do you need to be certified? And should

these certifications be a source of concern for the greater hooping

community? One thing seems to be clear, while hooping certifications do

not necessarily make the hooper, it does seem like a good time for us to

take a step back and take a closer look at certifications and just what they’re all about.

Read the rest of Shannon Herrington’s article HERE.

I think it’s important to remember these certification programs are training people how to teach. It’s true, not everyone is a natural.  Not everyone can watch and copy. The certification just shows someone has spent time learning how to teach others to enjoy hooping for health & happiness, no matter what their learning style! I found several of the responses extremely helpful. I had been looking for ‘reviews’ on the trainings by hoopers who have completed them. It sounds like these women chose hoopnotica for the same reasons I did. They answered a lot of my questions and really reassured me that I’m making a great decision.

Things Are Happening

There are so many amazing things to look forward to, at the moment. I feel incredibly blessed!

Last week, at yoga, I made plans to begin private classes with the studio’s owner twice a week. This is to help prepare me for the 200 hour certification program that I should be starting in April. She suggested the private classes to help me memorize asanas, variations, and to work on my alignment. I’m so lucky to have such a supportive & encouraging mentor.

I’m also currently working with Hoopnotica to plan a training event, right here at my home studio! I picked up a hula hoop for the first time in my adult life, two months ago. I’ve been hopelessly addicted ever since. I spend at least a couple of hours hooping every single day, and I’ve never felt better. I knew right away that this was something I loved and was ready to share with the whole world. I’m looking forward to becoming a certified teacher through Hoopnotica, so I will be able to lead my own hoop fitness class at the studio. I’m excited to bring some hoop/yoga fusion to the table as well. I just know all my yogi buddies are going to LOVE finding themselves in the hoop.

My one other exciting piece of news is this: I’m very close to starting up my own hoop making business, called Trusty Hoops. I promise lots more details about that to come!

In short, life is good.

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