A Closer Look at Hooping Certification

[Hooping.org columnist Shannon Herrington takes a closer look at hooping certifications.]

If you’ve been around the hoopersphere for any length of time, you might

have stumbled across these people that call themselves “Certified Hoop

Instructors.” While the hoop instructor part is pretty self explanatory,

given that they are someone who instructs people on how to hoola, the

question here is, how did they become certified? What does being

certified mean exactly? Are all certified hoop instructors the same? Do

you need to be taught how to hoop by a teacher who has that word

attached to their title? If you’ve been hooping for awhile and are

considering teaching others, do you need to be certified? And should

these certifications be a source of concern for the greater hooping

community? One thing seems to be clear, while hooping certifications do

not necessarily make the hooper, it does seem like a good time for us to

take a step back and take a closer look at certifications and just what they’re all about.

Read the rest of Shannon Herrington’s article HERE.

I think it’s important to remember these certification programs are training people how to teach. It’s true, not everyone is a natural.  Not everyone can watch and copy. The certification just shows someone has spent time learning how to teach others to enjoy hooping for health & happiness, no matter what their learning style! I found several of the responses extremely helpful. I had been looking for ‘reviews’ on the trainings by hoopers who have completed them. It sounds like these women chose hoopnotica for the same reasons I did. They answered a lot of my questions and really reassured me that I’m making a great decision.

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