Halloween Eve

I had a great afternoon at the Scared Silly event. I could not believe how elaborate the theater was on the inside. We sat on the top floor balcony. I’ll admit, it wasn’t easy for me getting up there. I temporarily froze up while attempting to climb the incredibly steep and tiny stairs in heeled boots. I was nervous, even though Travis promised he’d catch me if I had fallen backwards. ha! The theater was built in the twenties and it’s really unusual in so many ways. The ceiling was like a night sky. There were gargoyles and taxidermy macaws. I’ll definitely be looking forward to our next visit.

We came home and watched Tucker & Dale vs Evil, and I really loved it. There were some intensely gory moments, but as strange as it sounds, ‘all in good fun’.
I’d suggest it to anyone who enjoys a good black comedy and can handle an exorbitant amount of blood.

Today, I enjoyed the perfect balance of classic feel good spooky and ridiculous blood and guts on what has turned out to be the greatest Halloween Eve ever.

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