Hoopy Halloween

This morning I woke up with a mission.  I decided it was time to start making some hoops!  After calling around to a few different places and doing a little research online, I decided on an irrigation supply store near my house.  On the phone, the woman sounded confident that she had exactly what I was looking for (100PSI 3/4′ poly tubing).  Turns out, she didn’t really know what kind of tubing she had.  She did know that it was 3/4′ and she had the connectors.  I had a hair to build some hoops, so I went ahead and bought 100 Ft. & headed out in search of tapes.  The local hardware store had “no idea” what gaffer tape was and only black electrical tape.  Lowes didn’t carry (or know about) gaffer tape, but did have an array of colored electrical tapes & something called ‘friction tape’ in black.  It was wrapped up in plastic so I couldn’t really tell what it felt like.  I bought a roll, but haven’t opened up to experiment yet.  Actually, I haven’t opened up any of my beautiful bright new tapes, because the tubing I bought makes awful hoops. ha!

They’re wobbly and flimsy and just plain goofy!  I tried to add some weight by adding some water to one, but it just made it even more silly.  A great workout, but silly. My boyfriend was watching me try it out in the yard tonight and suggested I try to market it as a “wonky hoop”. I think I’ll try to return what I haven’t cut and if that’s not an option, just make some smaller sizes for hand hooping.  Hopefully, tomorrow I can find some better tubing & actually tape one up!  The taping part sounds like the fun part.

While testing out my ‘wonky hoop’, I also spent some time working on double shoulder duckouts with my go to hoop and actually pulled the trick off a few times!  That’s big news for me, because I’ve been attempting for days with no luck.  Single shoulder duck outs, no problem.  Doubles, though, doubles are hellish for me!  At least now I can really say it’s a trick I’m working on, rather than attempting.  Finally!  I jammed my finger out there too.  It’s bruising and a little swollen, but I’m so thrilled about “landing” my trick, it feels totally worth it.  The price I pay for double shoulder duck outs!

A little more good news: one of my hooping videos was accepted by dube juggling, so I got a code for 20% my next purchase! woo!

I made a special halloween video that was featured on hooping.org a couple of days ago too. (=  Check it out HERE.

We didn’t do much for Halloween today, but we celebrated all week and weekend, so I don’t feel like I missed out.  I listened to a little Halloween music, but spent most of my time at the yoga studio.  I didn’t put my costume on, but I’m still in the spirit!

Happy Halloween!

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