A Full Day of Hoops with No Hooping

I woke up this morning just itching to continue on with my hoop project.

I was unable to return my wonky tubing to the irrigation supply store where I bought it. bummer! Thankfully though, today at Lowes, I was able to speak with someone who KNEW what I was looking for. I bought a second hundred feet of the tubing I was actually after & got started.

First and foremost, let me say – I was so happy to have a pvc pipe cutter on hand. I can’t imagine how difficult (& time consuming) it must be without one. Inserting the connectors took some muscle this time around too. The newer tubing was much stiffer than what I had bought yesterday.  I used my hair dryer to heat up the ends before pushing in the inserts, but it was still tough. After I finished a few, I started to pick up speed & before I knew it I had ten naked hoops.

The taping is what takes time. I thought it would be simple, but it’s surprisingly challenging to lay it down evenly.  It’s definitely something I will need to get better at. ha!  Hats off to the ladies and gents who can lay it down with ease.  I salute you.

So far, I’ve successfully completed one hoop.  I would probably have a couple more, but I kept taking breaks to enjoy my new audiobook – “Spirit Junkie” by Gabrielle Bernstein! By the way, I LOVE it.

For the hoop I finished, I decided to use strips of green floral fabric to add grip in place of gaffer tape.  I’m really happy with how it turned out! I got the idea from a video on youtube, you can check it out HERE.  She suggests using painters tape to hold the strips in place as you work, but I actually sprayed my strips with Aleene’s Crystal Clear Acid Free Tacky Spray.  It comes in an aerosol can & is extremely easy to use.   I used orange & green electrical tape to spiral around with the fabric & the effect is adorable!  I know this hoop is going to make somebody very happy!

I also heard back from Hoopnotica again, I’m on cloud 9!  They confirmed that they will be holding a certification training at my home-away-from-home yoga studio, early next year!  The training will be in March & I will be getting certified in levels 1 & 2.  I am absolutely ecstatic! I can’t wait to teach!  I have so much fun sharing my passion for hooping.  This training will help me learn how to break down moves and explain in it ways everyone can understand.  I really am bursting with excitement to join the Hoopnotica family & get licensed!

All day long it has been hoops, hoops, hoops, but the sad part is I haven’t hooped at all!  That being said, I’m going to run outside and twirl with the little sunlight I have left.

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