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Hoop Dance Practice Videos

The second video is me goofing around, figuring out foot hooping with a backwards somersault.  Someday I hope to really nail it. (:


Sad News

I had just finished taking a much needed shower, after having an awesome hoop practice in the dirt, when I got a terrible text message.  My plan was to share a video or two with you, and showcase my newest moves, but I just found out that my step-dad, Chris’ (& my family’s) dog, Riley, was hit by a car.  It happened right in front of my parent’s house.  The person stopped for a moment a few houses down, then saw my mom and drove away.  A red pickup truck. How can people be so heartless?  My mom is with Chris & Riley at the emergency vet. She told me they have just started trying to stabilize him.  He has visible injuries to his head & back right leg. The vet says from what she’s seen, she doesn’t think he’ll walk with it ever again (whatever that means).

I hate living in another city right now.  With all my heart, I just want to be there to comfort my dog & tell him what a good boy he is.

I’m sorry for the total bummer post, but I’m home alone & feeling helpless.

Please, please, please let Riley be okay. Please, universe, please.