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Feeling good, feeling great.

It was an awesome day at Sun & Moon Yoga.  I felt great after the hour and a half long hatha class this morning, and stayed after to do some one-on-one practice with my teacher, Nancy.  We talked about alignment in the warrior poses, as well as how to correct people in their posture.  She told me that as a teacher, I will never go into the full extension during class.  Not only because I will be walking around guiding the students, but also because I’m too intimidating! lol  I actually heard Nancy speaking to a woman after hatha (& before our one-on-one) about me teaching a few classes next year.  The woman said, “HER? She makes me feel bad about myself.  She is so flexible.”  The last thing I want is for my students to feel to discouraged.  I want everyone to see yoga as accessible, the same way I did, so I really took Nancy’s advice to heart.  Note to self: Don’t go Gumby in class as a teacher.

My homework for the week is to work on perfecting each of my warriors and to think about ‘locks’.  Warrior 3 always gets me, because balance is something I’m still working on.  Maybe if the woman who felt intimidated by my flexibility would see me falling every which way in balance poses, she’d realize I’m human too! ha After our session, she and I discussed some really positive ideas about what the future holds for the studio.

I’m still glowing with excitement about getting certified with Hoopnotica.  The training will be over the weekend of March 3rd and 4th, and I can hardly wait!   Nancy seems thrilled about me starting to teach hoop classes and had some really great suggestions.  We talked about filming a short interview, where I can discuss all the benefits of hooping and give an idea of how my class with go, for the website.  She also came up with the idea to invite local PE teachers to come in for a free class, so I can get them on board.  How wild would it be to teach an entire PE class how to hoop.  The students would love it!  All the more reason, for me to plan on getting the Bodyhoops kids fitness certification next!  I will be busy in 2012!  Not to sound like a broken record, but first it’s the Hoopnotica certification, then my yoga certification, and then I’d like to be certified as a personal trainer for insurance reasons.  I’m adding the kids program through Bodyhoops to my list, right next to Abby Albaum’s upcoming hoop certification program.  I’m going to have credentials out the wazoo!

I think the best idea to come from our little brainstorm was the birthday party idea.  Nancy told me I should start offering private lessons & parties on the Sun & Moon facebook page, and that really got me thinking.  It could be a great way to sell hoops!  I’d love to offer a package deal to parents.  I could come out and spend an hour or two with a group of kids and bring hoops for them all to take home.  The package will probably be for 10 kids and I will just charge for each additional hoop.  I will probably wait until after I have taken the Bodyhoops course, so I will have more material and a better idea of how to get kids loving the hoop!

I’d really like to help Nancy to promote Sun & Moon, so I’m thinking about designing some flyers for her & passing them out around town.  If the studio gets big enough, she is going to lease out another area of the building for more classroom space.  That could prove pretty handy when the yoga school starts up next year.  I need to come up with something that will appeal to the small town mentality.  The locals might find yoga as a strange idea, but they don’t know what they’re missing!  What could be wrong with a practice that brings health and happiness?

I don’t know how yet, but I’m going to light the way!

PS: I got a hoop in the mail today from KaylaJoHoops… Ain’t she a beauty?!


Things Are Happening

There are so many amazing things to look forward to, at the moment. I feel incredibly blessed!

Last week, at yoga, I made plans to begin private classes with the studio’s owner twice a week. This is to help prepare me for the 200 hour certification program that I should be starting in April. She suggested the private classes to help me memorize asanas, variations, and to work on my alignment. I’m so lucky to have such a supportive & encouraging mentor.

I’m also currently working with Hoopnotica to plan a training event, right here at my home studio! I picked up a hula hoop for the first time in my adult life, two months ago. I’ve been hopelessly addicted ever since. I spend at least a couple of hours hooping every single day, and I’ve never felt better. I knew right away that this was something I loved and was ready to share with the whole world. I’m looking forward to becoming a certified teacher through Hoopnotica, so I will be able to lead my own hoop fitness class at the studio. I’m excited to bring some hoop/yoga fusion to the table as well. I just know all my yogi buddies are going to LOVE finding themselves in the hoop.

My one other exciting piece of news is this: I’m very close to starting up my own hoop making business, called Trusty Hoops. I promise lots more details about that to come!

In short, life is good.

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